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fantasy football?

Hey I just felt like I needed to say this for all my people out there…
1. Watching TV is for losers, Getting hyped to watch a TV series could be the gayest thing ever, who could think that Prision Break, or lost was worth 55 minn of your life? I mean really?
2. WHAT THE FUCK IS FANTASY FOOTBALL? If your like me youve been asking yourself this for years. I mean really what the fuck is fantasy football? I think Its like some complicated way for total losers to spend their time during the fall……. “Hey your life sucks cock and you have some shithole office job so here play this bullshit game that is essentally D&D for jocks instead of killing yourself….”
3. Baseball caps are for children……………. If your over 25 you should not wear a baseball cap you look like a jerk off…….