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The Zhinin

So this may be old news for those of you more connected with whatever streets this kinda shit takes place on, but I was reading Murder Dog for I think the first time ever last night and saw an ad and a brain cell-destroyingly awfully written review of an album by a group called Zhinin. The schtick seems to be a cross between Insane Clown Posse, Marilyn Manson, and Quad City DJs. Ladies (oh who am I kidding? Do ladies even read this?) and gentlemen, I give you… ZHININ!

Go to the website and listen to the music. It makes this whole thing even harder to comprehend. This is like Dungeons & Dragons / Strip Club / Beavis & Butthead / Sci-Fi Porn / Cosmic Frat Party Rap.
I wish I had an image of the actual ad to post here cause it would blow your fucking minds. It’s like the dude with the purple face paint completely naked with a black “censored” type bar over his wang and he’s leaning up against a wooden stool and there was like a blond white girl lying on the floor maybe reading a book in front of him. But if you really wanna see it, it’s right near the back cover inbetween 50 different “THIZZ IS IT!!!” compilation ads in the newest issue of Murder Dog with Project Pat on the cover.