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willystyle gets hitched

our good friend Willystyle, aka the Korean-American Psycho, got hitched last weekend. destination: park city, utah. this is where they have sundance every year (remember the scene from entourage?), plus the olympics a few years back. beautiful place in the summer, highly recommended.
rehearsal dinner? all you can down chicken & ribs. solid choice. here, your hero wolfs down a 3 ribber.
ph and boy genius continued their quest for brotherhood belts (currently PH holds all the belts except for ESPN Zone football toss) with a new event, the alpine slide. this is basically a luge type track all the way down an intermediate hill. this event ended on a tie, a first in the epic series.
the reception was DJ’ed and MC’ed by Boy Genius. this guy has the best wedding mic presence I’ve ever heard. he killed the crowd with witty jokes, timely rewinds (who does that a wedding?), and a fierce 80s finale. holler at him for your next function: hahnpaul (at)
BG was so good, that Willystyle’s dad went completely MC Hammer. now we see where Willy gets it.
Jando, aka the poor man’s Tom Cruise, ripped open his shirt during “Sweet Child O Mine”
Who does this at their own wedding? Willystyle avec shades clears the dancefloor with beer spraying. I think this was during the night’s climax: Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone” aka the ultimate wedding song ever (second place: “Pour Some Sugar On Me”)
after the show it’s the Boy Genius afterparty. check out those poses, looks straight outta THE GRIND.
the legend of Boy Genius lives on. that girl he’s with is Moon, who ranked #53 on Maxim’s Hot 100 List (not joking).
Boy Genius strikes again! sandwich action.
i found this dude back at our hotel. major drama with him and his girlfriend at the afterparty. somehow he ended up in the hallway, fully dressed with the remote control next to him. solid!
fun times…
congrats from the Lab


BRLSQ Office Check

Inspired by the flux of “Crap lying around our office” type blogs, here’s a bunch of crap lying around ours…

Pill Book beat juggle.

Zines, sketchbooks, and tons of money.

Who am I? Elmo mothafuckaaaaaaaaa.

Lots of ink.

Remember when 251 was considered to be a ton of dudes? Now it’s like nothing.


Arthur Lee