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Here are some choice highlights from the gift baskets that this year’s MTV Movie Awards performers & presenters are receiving.
(Yes, I know it’s gross. Yes, I know that a lot of celebs give their baskets to charity. I just like seeing how the other half lives.)
Beyond Technology will be gifting the complete e-Bright System which includes everything the user needs to dramatically whitening their smile at home in just 3, professional quality treatments. Beyond Technology Corp., a world leader in professional dental whitening systems used by thousands of dentists around the globe brings its power-whitening technology to home-whitening with the new e-Bright system. Destined to replace traditional home tray-bleaching, the e-Bright system utilizes 18 high intensity LEDs to deliver 480nm wavelength light-accelerated whitening- the same technology used in cosmetic procedures at the dentist office.
Centre Epiderme/Dr David Sayah will be gifting a consultation with Beverly Hills plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. David Sayah and receive a Restalyne treatment.
Chaya Tequila will be gifting a bottle of Chaya Tequila in a VIP only designer case unavailable to the public. Recipients will also receive a bottle of each of their other flavors: the young agave filled Chaya Silver, the light fruit of Chaya Reposado, or the refined taste of Chaya. Chaya tequila is the elegant new award winning spirit in the world of premium tequilas that has the industry raving.
Hollywood Poker will be gifting the talent a $500 Celeb Club Card to play online along with a gun metal grey USB drive in a velvet pouch.
La Costa Hotel & Spa will be gifting a two-night stay for two at the all new La Costa Resort and Spa. The getaway includes two nights of suite accommodations, dinner for two in BlueFire Grill and a two-hour Romantic Spa Journey in a private VIP suite at the spa. The spa journey includes unlimited day use of the spa, a 50-minute La Costa massage for two, a bottle of sparkling wine, chocolate fruit fondue and one hour of additional leisure time in their spa VIP suite.
License2bling will be gifting 2 license plate frames embedded with Swarovski crystals.
Netflix will gift a 12-month complimentary membership to Netflix and a portable DVD player to enjoy movies on the go.
Superman Returns will be gifting a deluxe S3 Select Series Sculpt figure of Superman from the new hit film and a choice of the “Superman Returns” Inflato-Suit or the Remote Controlled Flying Superman figure. Additionally, a $200 donation in the recipient’s name will be made to the Christopher Reeve Foundation and a wearable dog tag and clip with the Foundation’s “Go Forward” motto, emblazoned with the Superman “S” Shield, will be included in the package so the recipient can show their support for the Foundation’s mission of finding treatments and cures for spinal cord injuries.
XM2go® Satellite Radio with MP3 will be gifting the Samsung Helix, activation and one year of XM Satellite Radio service. The Samsung Helix (MSRP: $399.99) is a major breakthrough in consumer electronics, offering live XM reception for portable listening, and it stores MP3s, WMA files, and XM content for playback anywhere, anytime. Plus, Helix has a revolutionary feature that lets the user “bookmark” songs heard on XM for online purchase from the XM + Napster service.



shwan emailed me this video of manute bol’s finest moments.
his story is incredible…
remember when he tried to transform himself into a 3 point specialist or when he tried to throw punches anthony mason?


hamburger city party pics

pics from the hamburger city opening…
the work was really incredible. it was like an issue of hamburger eyes exploded onto the wall. photos will be on sale at the LA store until the end of june. select photos will be available online (coming soon).
the obligatory crowd / drunk persons pics. that’s yasmin and asher, old school college buddies.
diamond encrusted jesus piece was there with homey The Game. Estevan Oriol (several of his photos were on display) rolled through with his family. Also spotted: Sen Dog(!!!) from Cypress, Good Charlotte dudes, and a couple that Jasper met at the deli, who ended up bringing their daughter and buying 4 photos.
this photo was featured on the flyer, and was the first one bought (stony snatched it up before the show started). Monkey (the dude on the back) and his boy were man enough to re-enact the scene sans bike.
if we did this show in NYC, it would have been Dude-Fest 3000, but in LA, the ladies come out strong. This girl showed up with a booty shorts posse (including one dude). I had to pinky swear that this was our record, to get this shot…
Hamburger Eyes posse is on Broadway. Below, Dwayne and Jenny of Oylerwu Collaborative, the designers of the LA store….
after the show… the mgmnt stopped in the Dime for a quickie (check Stony in his CEO khaki blazer attire), then Young took us to his favorite spot over toward Santa Monica. Warning: if you see this sign or this man, stay away. this place is evil. they don’t even serve alcohol in this place, but we felt like we were getting smashed. too much fun and highly recommended.


introducing the Lab-mobile #3 west coast edition. Turbo diesel with authentic 1988 chrome wheels and sky blue paint job.
getting ready for the Hamburger Eyes show. Hit up Smart & Final for 300 beers (which lasted a little over an hour), 2 containers of cherry vines, and ice…
ridin’ dirty…
jean is the only dude i know who can rock those pants.
more pics coming…


Tears of a clown.

I was watching UFC 60 just now and, in between rounds, the camera was cutting to show the various celebrities in the audience. I think the guy from King of Queens was there and maybe Leonardo DiCaprio. Both smiled and waved politely, as celebrities do when the camera cuts to them when they’re just trying to watch sweaty guys kick each other in the face. Anyway, the camera cuts to David Spade, who looks okay, except that he’s clearly hanging out with the same dudes he went to high school with, and they’re most likely still sleeping off his couch and telling him he’s cool — Entourage style. Then, to the horror of all involved — even his high school buddies, I’m sure — he flashed the devil horns.
And if you listened close, you could almost hear the crowd gasping, then whispering softly: “Hey, David Spade — 1999 called. They want their metal sign back.”



a little preview of the Hamburger Eyes show opening tonight.
should be an awesome time.
come on down, tonight 8-10pm (saturday)
yes, that’s a dude pissing in his own mouth
and andre the giant too…
all photos availble for sale too.


this saturday

our first art show at the LA Store
opening party this saturday,
everyone’s invited…
stony, frogman, and i will be out there for this one too…