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fascinating article about a mystery man
who paid 95 million for a Picasso…


rhode island

just got back from a week in rhode island for a week relaxation and important business. rented a house with a bunch of friends, and basically ate the entire time. aside from food, drinking, and the beach, there’s nothing to do here, which is how vacations should be… this is the area’s signature dish, clam cakes and chowdah. rhode island chowdah is definitely my favorite… it’s not creamy and thick like the kind you get in restaurants, it’s more like broth with a touch of milk. as for clam cakes, they’re fried balls of goodness. if your in narragansett, go to the Starboard Galley, the ideal waterfront clamshack.
next, this place is probably one of the best seafood restaurants in the world. they wood grill lobsters in an open kitchen… and they serve the best linguini with clams I’ve ever had.
saturday was basically an 8 hour BBQ. grilled corn, dogs, burgers, watermelon… we devised this soccer penalty shootout with these crucifix-like clothes hangers. PH and Boy Genius vied for this new Belt event, and PH won, of course. The shot above is goalie Willystyle in action (shout out to Diner Old Boys soccer squad with two victories last night).
this is the best seafood restaurant in the world. Champlin’s in Galilee. No frills, deck seating, twin lobsters. The fried stuff is awesome too. PC made an awesome observation, calling the monster Fried Platter: “a pupu platter from the ocean.” We probably killed more than a dozen lobsters that night. Willystyle went neanderthal on twins, sitting at his own table, using no technique, and throwing guts on the floor. What a sight.
at night, we shacked up in the house and played poker and drinking games. Jason introduced us to this new game called “Korean Mafia,” which is where two or three players get secretly assigned to be Mafia, and the table tries to figure out through discussion and reading each other. There’s tons of nuances and strategy in the game, pretty crazy for something that uses no props. Another favorite was “007,” where we picked on the white guy and filipino chick, who could drink like horses.
after a week of smashing clam cakes and corn, Boy Genius gets stoopid. Awesome related side story, the Genius literally blew up the plumbing at his girlfriend’s parents’ house. Dispicable.


monday morning

exorcise your monday morning demons….
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