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fuck yeah!


firstly, i need to come up with a good propietary nickname for Ji-Sung…

three lung is good, but not for my purposes

parkie is too brit

jsp-psj not so much

and to bigger news

so on the official manutd website park got voted the fan’s march star!!!

and this wasn’t one of those Yao leading vote getter events… this was a real deal deserved honor… best man of the Liverpool match stands out to me, any player can shine when you are thrashing Fulham, but playing hard while getting thrashed, that’s true mettle and character…

march is the month of park!!!

let’s go get fucked up!!!!


liverpool fan sheds light on Ji-Sung phenomenon


many man u fans are hypocrites… they praise sir alex for his managerial moves, but consistently knock park’s inclusion in the first team. basically, by criticizing this selection, they’re criticizing sir alex’s knowledge of the game… who knows the intricasies of an 11 a side PRO game (not the shite you play with your pub boys on sunday afternoons)… you or sir alex….

it’s hard to believe that this thought is still prevalent… especially after Park manned the wing throughout last year’s champion’s league run (sadly, not the final though), and shut down the world’s best attacking players….

why does it take a Liverpool fan to point out park’s (and sir alex’s) true merits… check this well-written forum post that spells out the importance of park in United’s lineup aka sir alex knows what the hell he is doing when he puts park in the lineup.

another great article about sir alex’s faith in park, this time in the london times.

koreans = classic underdogs

ps. evra getting awfully close to park again.


ji-sung fantasy stud


i don’t play fantasy soccer (too busy with NBA and NFL)…. but Ji-Sung got pointed out as a top fantasy pick-up this week by Sky Sports. I think soccer should utilize stats more during the broadcast. i know they sometimes show passer eff and distance covered stats, but they should do it NFL style and throw it in our faces… especially not-as-obvious defensive stats like balls won.

also,  the Champion’s League draw is out today with a likely meeting between Man U + the Gooners… I am fascinated to see how Ji-Sung will do against Arshavin-Nasri-Walcott…