am I the worst?

Do I suck for kind of wanting to buy this? It’s like, every 2 steps I take forward I take one giant one back. I’m no “loop digga.” I don’t get off on “crates of wax.” But I still kind of want to buy this poster. This is indicative of my life.
For example! My life: my new look is “scraggly ex-boyfriend.” So I’m growing out my head-hair, and I’m wearing a shirt and tie every day. But then I’ll do some shit like wear a Giant Robot hoodie that’s like 2 sizes too big. Not gonna be kicking poon off of me with that one!
I’m also listening to Led Zeppelin now because I’m reading “Hammer of the Gods” (best book ever). I know Kyle relates because Led Zeppelin I is like his favorite album ever. But dude, am I a fucking high school student? No but here I am, air-guitaring on the subway to Dazed and Confused.
I guess it beats buying every record on the Cut Copy fabriclive CD? I’m kind of over being self-deprecating so I wouldn’t know.


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