sexy time theater

dinner jacket.jpg
i like how you put a nice little hex on your sexy time.
Pittsy, you DO look good in a dinner jacket. don’t sell yourself short.
speaking of shattered encounters, the friggin mice are back in casa de Lloyd and P.Gorg. not a good look. they’re gonna see the wrong side of the glue trap fer shure.
No longer working at the lab makes me miss the King of Sexy Time Theater, the SIZ. although he did have his stories about love making, the best tales revolved largely around getting totally destroyed and fighting frightened strangers who “instigated” something with the “innocent” Sizzy. Greatest hits involved flaming backpacks, drinking 40s on Sunday morning in Chinatown, K-holes, bricks to the face, robbing drug dealers, getting run over by an intern, dorito teeth breakage, distorted sub-bass, skating like a 15 year old when you’re over thirty, and fucking all night. it’s hard to fully grasp the full persona by one lousy, already posted headshot. an end of an era. you’re the king, baby.
i cAN HEAR the mice running around on my rangetop. i’m out.


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