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fuck a whip….
for thos of you who dont know i (Lloyd Dicky Harris) am probably the only person (24 years and older) in the United states on America who doesnt know how to drive. i wish i was kidding but if you were to leave me in the middle of the desert with a jeep, several tanks of gas and the keys to drive it i would be completely assed out.
so anyway, tonight was as ordinary as any other night. other then figuring how to work the micraphone at the W Hotel and acting mad niggerish over the loud system for 4 hours straight i dj’d, i drank some dranks, mingled with the civilians and went home in a cab. when you live as far in BK as i do its common practice to conversate with your driver. i did the usual…hello, how was your night, awesome, you own this cab, awesome, blah blah blah….anyway, a 15 min conversation turned into me sitting in the drivers seat while the cab driver (Varaitch Resham) taught me how to drive in park slope for 40 bucks.(crazy right!?) anyway, I never thought id say this but driving is overratted. matter fact it aint shit! with all the traffic lights, stop signs and padestrians how the fuck they expect a nigga to get loose. its oppressive, demeaning and im already over it. fuck a whip!
fact. i actually sat in the drivers seat (while in park) for about 30 seconds before Varaitch and i realized it was such a bad idea.
whatever…i still cant drive.
young skeezy
Ps. i kinda gotta thing for the microphone now. i used to hate it but now you cant keep me off that fucking thing. so, if its your birthday and im dj’n i will go out of my way to sing you happy birthday accapela no less. im not one of these tight ass dj’s who lives in his headphones trying to figure out how to drop “hypnotize.” holler at me!