Some of the recluse lab staff in Brooklyn have requested I blog what people are buying as of late at the Lab Manhattan Store.
People want the SOV. I heard Lady Sov is a carpet licker. Well I don’t know if she planned this, but she is a genius because the gay community BUYS RECORDS. They SUPPORT ARTISTS. So dude comes in and gets the 7″s the 12″s the CDs and the 2XLPs. Respect! Then I leave work and see a girl wearing an SOV mask.
These are like a BJ for your ears. You should already own a pair. They’ll make you go back and re-listen to all your favorite records.
Bogman scored some mega rare stuff from Whatever We Want Records. Sometimes you can find hidden jems in the Manhattan store. People still think we have a secret stash of Mike Tyson stickers. Those things go on ebay for like… (if you check ebay you’re a loser)
A lot of people making beats. They need drum sounds. People, we have so many funk and break records with mad drums as well as sample cds.
Do you ever have girls come over to the crib? They’re probably not interested in your DMC videos, so do yourself a favor. Bet she’ll say “I love Coachella”
A lot of people asking about hard drives. My friend said they should sell these in pairs. One to back your shit up, and another to move forward.


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