I was on my way home on Friday after work and noticed music playing at this place on Delancy. Incidentally I worked my way in (this was some list only shit) saying that I work at Turntable Lab and was the Director of Marketing. Anyways I get in, drink a bunch of free Red Stripe, and catch the rest of Ayers DJ set. I then see on the list of who goes next and see that MSTRKRFT is playing. Fuck yeah, I was pretty pumped cause I missed them the night before at Hiro… I only stayed for Digitalism. Even though they only DJed, they still killed, MSTRKRFT gets my overall approval.
Digitalism “Zdarlight” Live at Fixed New York City CMJ 2006

I saw Digitalism twice this week (Hiro Ballroom and Studio B). They pretty much destroyed both places. That live Zdarlight re-edit killed and well as hearing Jupiter Room really loud.
Justice, which played at Studio B, was a let down. Step you game up bros. I think I’ve just about seen all of what Ed Banger records and affiliates have to offer and hands down Para One is the man when it comes to DJ-ing (he pretty much killed at that Ed Banger party a few months back) and Uffie’s live performance is actually good too, not just another Stacey Q studio girl if you know what I mean. Feadz was good as well, technically, that Ed Banger party was pretty much off the hook all around.
I don’t know I guess Justice was alright, I was just a little pissed cause they blew their load and opened up with Waters of Nazareth cause that’s some peak time shit right there.
Oh and I NEED TO KNOW what that “GIVE IT UP FOR DETROIT” track people were playing on Thursday at Hiro and at the Fader party (MSTRKRFT played it too). That is some really hot shit right there. Drpitts ….. @… gmail.com
The blog is mad quiet with the Roc MIA and Pete on vaykay.
Shout of to Rob from the record fair this weekend. Dude reads the blog. I bought a lot of grown and sexy disco jams off of him on Saturday. Also shout out the guy from Brooklyn Radio who was at the Justice show on Saturday and Brandon the old intern who was at the Fader party.
Oh and the record fair this past weekend was VERY NERDY. Dudes were talking about 300 dollar jazz records and shit. Whatever, I did get a lot of original disco 12s and Smiths singles I didn’t have. And on top of that I didn’t really spend that much money. Score!
And last but not least shout out to Carrie and Timex Social Club.


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