Something Special….
Had a little brodown sesh with the fellas tonight. Me, kevin, the roc, kyle and the woodman(all former labee’s) went to some BBQ spot uptown. dragon something..i forget. good eaten tho….i thought the nitis would have kicked in by now but instead its a quarter to 5 and im all fired up. anywho, becuase im in such a good mood i thought id hit you guys off with another mix. This one is a live mix i made over the summer at michna’s. i had every intention of putting it out but never got around to it. i guess you can say its sorta hip in a disco not disco type way. nothing rare. somethings youve heard somethings you havent. hope you like. you have my permission to shit on it, pass it around, name your first child after it ect ect.
for you and you and you and you
tracklisting here (yep, finally got a myspace. holler at me!)
OH, and the new all over print. i been had one!
Federline report:
album came out yesterday. i must have went to the megastore at an off time. there wasnt a line for it around the corner or swarms of people fighting for their precious copys. weird right? in fact there were tons of copies left when i got there. i bought two. anyway, im gonna take a long listen to it tonight and get back to you.


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