Best New Order song; “Temptation.”
“Released on 12″ and 7″ vinyl, both formats had the catalogue number FAC 63. The two formats are not merely different mixes, but entirely separate recordings of the same song. The 7″ version is a more structured version with a commercial synthpop feel; the 12″ is more chaotic with the emphasis on electronic rhythms rather than melody. The 7″ version plays at 33.3rpm to accommodate its length of around five and a half minutes.
Interestingly, the 7″ version has a cold start and a fade-out at its end, and the 12” version has a fade-in at its start, with a cold end. As a result, a popular rumour among New Order fans that to experience the complete “Temptation”, one has to paste together the 7″ and 12″ versions, so there is a cold start and a cold end. Despite the speculation, the band has never confirmed this to be true.
The vocal track on the original 12″ version (this is the version featured in the ‘Retro’ box-set) features an audible scream during the song’s intro. Supposedly, as Bernard Sumner was recording the vocals, other band members ran into the studio and thrust a snowball down his shirt.”


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