went to a halloween party on saturday,
and basically, the dj almost ruined by night. how can you phuc up a halloween party? everybody is in costume, drunk off their asses, and willing dance to anything semi-interesting. it pissed me off so much, i felt i would have to write a post to him. dude was obviously feelin himself, posing like he was killing it, had all the best gear and then some, but failed miserably in several aspects.
1) work on your levels. this is club dj 101. not every song has the same levels, you need to tweak that shit on every song. loudness does not equal goodness.
2) nobody cares about your Jigga-man guest verse collection
3) more than one reggaeton song in a row is much too much, dude played several reggaeton mini-sets (this was his ultimate downfall)
4) prematurely cutting off big hits that everyone wants to hear (Justin) is not a super-dj power
5) straight hip-hop sets are a thing of the past, save it for your boys’ pelle pelle fest.


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