I did a little record shopping this weekend although I only bought two things.
As far as record collecting goes I’ve gotten pretty serious lately. There are a few pieces of vinyl I’ll drop a pretty penny for if I can get something in near mint condition.
Import Whispers singles and OG Smiths presses are pretty serious right now with me.
I went to Academy Records in the city. Everyone in there was a total nerd or European (nerd) and basically paying way too much for shit you can find at The Thing or Vortex out in Greenpoint if you dig hard enough.
Fuck that shit, I don’t mind putting on the latex gloves and using hand cleaner looking for old disco and new wave singles.
Other Music was a little wack but I did find a Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark that I didn’t have. “Almost” might be my favorite OMD song of all time.
Shout out to Lab blog beefers, basically this is the only shit that makes me laugh besides my everyday life. Also, Kevin/Stress needs to start blogging.
Can someone please repress some LEGIT Clash singles? Basically I want an original, instrumental, and acapella for “Lost in the Supermarket.” Please.


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