We all know I couldent let pitts ask for an intern with out speaking my peace….. What the fuck does this pale ass Powder Looking Mother Fucker Need an intern for? Pitts I like you, but your making it real tough……
Dosent one have to graduate from working at turntable lab to actually making a living in their creative edeviors to warrent interns? To have an intern to carry your records don’t you have to have some actual gigs? Serato is for losers? NO, Serato is for working djs, dumb ass…. Not office job having wanna bees…….
Real NYC experience? I feel like lab employees don’t earn enough to live in NYC proper…… So maby is should say real amature brooklyn experience……..
I have a lot of ideas? get the fuck out of here……..
This is what’s the fucking deal,
Im putting my shit out there,
I will double pitts pay,
20 bucks a day,
I Wont make you put shit on e-bay (cause I dont need scraps like that, e bay is for broke dudes)
Wont make you carry records cause records are a wrap, unless you a house dj….
and will get you into clubs where there are actual females not just other dudes looking for someone to talk about records with…..
You can jot down my idea for me too…. ideas like…… “hey intern lets go eat 200 dollars woth of sushi and i’ll pay for it, then well hit the streets and i will pick up some college bitches or dudes for you to have sex with”
I’ll get you corse credit too, in the class called makin money, and trappin snapper…..
Oh yea, and I wish I could go months without posting, and then post somthing so brilliant like jems….. JESUS that rules….. NAVARO WOW!!!! I just got back from LA, “wifey time” and yea it rules there……


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