Mr Handz,
I dont know what to say. im offended that youre offended. im not one to appologize even tho you more then likely could beat me up. not because youre obssession with me leaves you in a place where you cant function in normal life (thats understandable) but because you in fact have “tru_handz”. by the way, 97 called and they want their email address back. For thos that dont know i loath hip hop spelling and the fact that you have tru and handz in youre email address not only validates me but also makes you a shoe in for “DA WORST DUDE EVA”
I dont know about you tru, but as far as im concerned im above this shit. If you or anyone has a problem with me they can shoot me a line….djlloydski@hotmail.com there we can talk life, i can give you advice, we can build and then maybe il let you manage a street team for me in your town.
because you hate my face so much. i leave you with a song….

cheer up tru,
K fed report:
he’s currently in talks to be in a hip hop musical directed by sticky fingaz called “caught on tape.”
here’s what mr. fingaz had to say about the project.
“This is a hardcore musical – lots of violence, sex, action, drama, plus sentiment and romance as well.
“It’s K-Fed’s acting debut. He’s really cool.”


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