Dont mean a thing….
JESUS! The one day i decide to leave the heat at home New york is fucking brick (really really cold). What happened to global warming? We need to get on that. Im a tropical people. you shouldve seen me making moves in shorts and hoodie. mad ashy. had to buy new clothes and shit!
Speaking of heat, last summer i was djing alot to the point where my sleeping schedual had completely reversed. Sunlight became a thing of the past and my nights were spent coming up with new and exciting ways to kill time. Ever seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy back to back? I have! Anyway, from one of thos many killing sessions came this. A half ass mix of Gogo music you probably wont like. There’s no baltimore club, mash ups, balie funk, ironic remixes or undancable disco.
Buzz kill right!?
Lloydski (youre favorite!)
PS. Shout out to Jamal (also sketchy) at the store for saying the funniest thing ive heard in a long time today. “Whatever nigga, you Dj at a steak house!”…amazing.
and for thos who wanna complain about how slow “sardines” is i apologize. pitch control is a relative term at 730 in the morning.
more to come…enjoy your weekend


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