la store

we got some new fixtures at the LA store this week. there so much space there, we don’t know what to do with it… it’s the complete opposite of our nyc store, where we have to use every inch of wall space to show the product (seen the new cd racks?). the feeling of the two stores is completely different. I like the openess, light, and relaxed vibe of the LA store, but there’s also something about the dynamics of the manhattan spot that LA will never come close too. i hate to wet our own whistle, but it’s one of the few places left in the east village that has that old buzzy feeling about it.
other places that i feel the buzz in the village
1) Yokocho, Go and Decibel – old japanese reliables in the east village
2) Academy, Sound Library, A1 (probably Good Records too, but i’ve never been there)
3) used book store on 12th between 1st and 2nd ave – nice selection
4) that milkshake + hotdog place around the corner from the store, bad hotdogs – good service
5) gray’s papaya – the workers are awesome, what race are they?
6) max’s and nublu – these places do not change
7) porto rico coffee – the best kept secret, awesome coffee
8) autumn skate shop – right by the park
oh, and while we’re riding the lloydski, roc, woodman wave on the blog,
here’s a vintage pics of the nocturnal crew (minus woodman now)


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