I like how Andy’s pic is so big it bursts through the design constraints of the blog. Andy you and Lloyd both owe me hundreds of dollars. I want it to buy clothes.
Also, I just came back from Katz’s on 2nd and they were filming a Sopranos scene there with noted jew-character Hesh. Nerdily, I was less impressed with the fact that this was happening than the fact that I was geeking about the level of competence of the production team. They were all “last looks!” and I’m thinking “I just found out what that means like 2 weeks ago.”
Now I need to take a dump. I also just seriously gorged out with Kevin and Andy at Houston’s the other night on some ribs. That also made me take a dump in about an hour. Also, apparently Kevin now wears leather jackets and Andy wears hoodies with fur on the inside of them and literally gold chains coming out of the drawstrings.
What else. If you haven’t seen the Departed yet you are a fool. Never in my life did I think that Irish ska-punk (is that like Flogging Molly or the Dropkick Murphys or something) would make me pump my fist in the air.
Also, I just finished the Chuck Klosterman book IV. Theory about this guy is that before this book, he had 3 books. It doesn’t matter what order you read them in. The first one you read you’ll enjoy and think he’s really clever, just like you, a well of pop culture references, etc. The second one you read is mildly irritating. The third one you read will make you throw the book across the room in complete and utter disgust. The fourth one is actually pretty good.


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