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From Alison…
Went to the first year of the M3 Summer Music Conference in San Francisco last week. Basically it’s the new Winter Music Conference, only in SF in October. Like Miami, there were so many parties, you couldn’t hit them all. Here’s some of what i did:
Sunset boat party
Fred Everything and Miles Maeda killed it- the music was sick and the crowd was going nuts. At one point during the nite, this guy told me that for hours, he thought this ball of flowers hanging from the ceiling was a person dancing next to him. Who knows how much acid that dude ate.
Come-Unity 15 year anniverary party at 1015.
Used to hit this party every single month for years in the early/mid nineties and amazingly, shit was just about as hot last week. Green Velvet tore the place apart with a 2 hour set and did live vocals to his tracks. I think every person in the place had eaten pills. La la land.
Detroit Grand Pubahs live.
Sickest show I have seen in I don’t even know how long. Paris the Black Fu had a beer in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other, which he was pouring into people’s cups in the audience. Check the costumes. Yeeaaah. Can’t beat this shit. I wanna squeeze it, I wanna hump it. Two times. Hump Hump.
Dj heather.
Best dj set I heard out there.
Also went back to my college town, Santa Cruz, where everyone is high 24/7 and seeing people like this walking down the street is completely normal. This dude in the pink was standing on the corner before I went into this restaurant for dinner and when I got out, he was in the same spot. So I went up to him and asked him if I could take his picture. He smiled, and slowly shrugged, didn’t say anything and posed for the camera. I then asked him if he dressed like that everyday, and he just smiled and shrugged again. When I walked away, I said “thank you, you look great” and he again smiled, slowly shrugged and said “thank you” to me. I then crossed the street and there was this group of kids there. This kid on a bike stopped me and asked me in disbelief, “yo- did he just say thank you? He NEVER talks!!!”
Santa Cruz locals. Gotta love it.


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