Wu Tang Madness


You know about this? I might be little late, I dunno, but this is blowing up right now in Philly and the tri-state area. Its the fucking Wu-Tang Dance Yall!!! As far as I know, its Philly’s answer to Krumpin’ or the Chicken Noodle Soup. Bump that Bmore high and kill the floor with what Snack describes as your karate “horse stance” with in between moves. The clip is from some dudes from Maryland, not Philly, reppin’ their best Wu-Tang, but who would know bmore better? The first two guys warm it up, but the dude at 3 min. is their version of “the real deal”.

And speaking of Wu-Tang, here’s some vintage nostalgia throwback for yall. I remember being stuck on this when I was just outta high school, but now lookin back, this shit is EPIC. There are so many cheesy 3d effects, it could equal a bad chinese kung fu flick. Highlight’s include: A swarm of killer bees blasting through a wall leaving the Wu-Tang logo “Bugs Bunny” style in the wall, RZA as the dark angel, and a blind man receiving sight from the power of rhymes. Too good.


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