lookout weekend

went to the MOMA this weekend. first time I’ve been since the re-design. quite an amazing space, but that $20 entry fee hasgotago. the design floor was pretty awesome, but not as awesome as this food cart parked outside. this is not a game. that shit is a duplex.
afterwards, headed down to Chinatown to visit the venerable Dumpling House , where you can get 5 of the best dumplings for one buck. ended up at APT at night where I caught Bogman before his big return to the motherland of Romania (his first time back in 4 years). We drank some Romanian moonshine and chilled with Mr. Brennan Green.
always seem to leave APT a bit faded, and always have to make the decision between Corner Bistro or Pop Burger. Corner is old school new york, legendary for their burgers and cheap beer. Went there stoned once, and the burger was so bloody and juicy, I thought i was eating a heart. bugged me out. Therefore, we went to Pop, which is like the best futuristic burger joint. it’s kinda (or very) sacrilegious. the burgers come packaged in these perfect fit boxes and the place looks like an Ikea niteclub… but in the end, the burgers, fries, and shakes are incredible. highly recommended.


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