For some reason I could not log onto the blog for like two weeks……….. but now I can again, anyway I got my first hate mail this week on myspace it was kinda cool, but also kinda a let down cause the dude had pics of him and his supercross bike. anyway this is what it said:
” i strongly believe your a stupid cock sucker. honestly.”
and this is who wrote it… dudes profile
Feel free to send him a message and thank him, or send him a message of the “go fuck yourself varity”
also feel free to message ME If you have any problems, questions, complaints or just want to tell me to go fuck myself, I love to talk to my “fans” ; )
Oh and I do like sports, but only baseball, and I dont like football but I do like those NFL films…..
Oh and this has been on HBO every day, I dont know what this says about me….. But I fucking love this movie, Ive seen it like 15 times, no bull shit, actually I love Reality Bites too, Maby I’m developing a little man crush on Ethan Hawke, cause I like Training Day, and Gattica and a bunch of shitty movies hes in, only one I dont like is Before Sunrise, cause the chick is ugly……… to ugly for Ethan…………………

Pulp song used so well in the movie, who dosent dream about getting wasted and yelling about some hot chick in the rain, I strongly reccomend doing this even if you get in trouble or called a stalker by her friends…….


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