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got this email from my brother this morning.
I think he’s 100% serious.
Heres some exciting news: I just had a couple teeth removed, didn’t follow the post surgery instructions, went into shock and just about bled to death! This is 2 days after so the swelling has gone down a bit; looked like I was in a car wreck the first day. Hurt like hell but I’m thrilled to be rid of these dam rotten things.
The best part is I just found a home kit on the internet for cloning & growing your own teeth. We’ll eventually remove all my teeth, replacing them with new, fresh grown ones. They should be ready in 4 to 5 years according to the instructions. Its comforting to know modern medicine will now reward countless years of dental neglect with brand new teeth instead of intrusive fillings. Thanks sceince! No more time wasted with old fashioned brushing & flossing. Can’t wait to watch the new teeth grow. I just need an embreyo and couple other things I have to order from Germany and I can get started. Anyways, I’m recovering just fine.
t teeth.JPG