About the last post, I apologize for hating, just got worked up talking to Josh from 10 Deep about this streetwear craze and the illogical behavoir it creates (sorry nigo, please don’t send the Apes!). on the lighter side of things, the Diner Old Boys have made it to the semi-finals of the playoffs. P-Gorgeous is notorious for playoff intensity, best demonstrated in our historical brawl with Chinatown United from 2 years ago. I almost got attacked by a Bolo lookalike on the sidelines and I swear they pulled out $5 canal street switchblades. anyway, playing late night soccer can’t be beat. our opposition didn’t show, so we ended up scrimmaging until 11pm.
congrats to Todd, who had his first kid, Robinson. he told me the birth was like a nyc movie, getting stuck in crosstown traffic on the way to the hospital, trying to move traffic, and people peeking in and pointing fingers. on the subject of soccer, Arsenal beat United this weekend in a most entertaining and mercurial paced match. Rosicky is quickly becoming one of my favorites.


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