So is the all over print the new flannel? I think it might be. Ah in a ten year span going from STP and Pearl Jam to E-40 and some other popular shit… it’s kinda silly if you think about it.
Fuck Baltimore club and freestyle. 2007 and 2008 is going to be all about RAVE CLASSICS. Seriously, I’ve been in Florida this week on vacation and have been spending a little time going through the stockpile of 90’s UK rave and Florida breaks I have at my parents house. Remember SL2’s “On a Ragga Trip” and Channel X’s “Rave The Rhythm?” Probably not unless you’ve been in the game for a bit or you have really good 90’s electronic music taste
T.V. rots your brain by the way. I’ve had a chance to watch a bit this week. Why are all the new girls on Laguna Beach busted? Should I even care?
Yeah, the beach sucks right now; I’ve gone a few times this week to see a bunch of dead fish. Thanks red tide.
My step-father, yes I am a product of divorce, finally gave in and let me have his The Who collection. This has probably been the high point of the week.
I’m kind of ready to go back to work now.


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