so I went down to san diego last weekend (I think the original meaning of the name was “a whale’s vagina”) for the asr and agenda trade shows. I been hearing about asr since I was a 14 yr old Big Brother junkie, and expected full mayhem over there… I guess the years have made it a little tame, but me and Neil Nice did get to see some good skating on the demo ramp. Kareem Campbell, Jamie Storey, Robbie Ganjemi and a bunch of other pros Im too old to know were at the session, but the ramp got OWNED by this 3 ft high 8 year old blond kid who was landing like 5 foot airs back to back. He didnt win the high air comp, but Kareem gave him 50 anyway.
outside of the tradeshow this was the general look of the weekend. jemz was in rare form after coming to the party friday night straight from the airport (3 airplane drinks = 1/2 hour to set up serato). saturday night, we heard about a Vice party… in fucking Tijuana! That combination seemed way to good to pass up, so me and Nacho Neil started drinking at 4, doing the Pee Wee Herman Tequila dance and trying to convince other people to come with us. Those lucky suckers ended up being Josh and Scott from 10 Deep. Make a long story short, everybody was a little shook about going to TJ cause of all the stories people were feeding us (whatever you do, don’t piss in the street! and no mixed drinks cuz of the ice cubes! money in your sock! etc), then the Vice party kinda sucked, then the strip club REALLY sucked (no nudity, $40 lapdances)… so we all went back. Neil stopped at the Pharmacia.
Then he got held up at the border. By the time he got through I was ready to piss my pants, so I ran to the parking lot and ducked behind an electric box, stepping straight into 3 foot of piss mud with my white rod lavers. Mesh mind you. Needless to say, they stayed at the border with my socks.
Dirty Adidas 3.JPG


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