jet blue tv rules

so I’m back from a week in LA. took the Jet Blue red-eye from Burbank which is definitely a scene. lots of fake boobage, celebrity wannabees, and c-listers (Tek from MTV!). anyway, to go along with a theme, I caught up on my shock news via Fox on Jet Blue Direct TV. they do these awesome top tens on the best news like this gem: another female teacher has sex with her student. this dude was only 15! sweet! that shit was definitely not happening when i was growing up, all my teachers had fat rolls with cheese in between, cankles, and wore smock dresses. this girl is not my type, but she’s pretty smoking for a teacher. check out these cell phone images she was sending the lucky little dude.

another awesome discovery was Dateline’s To Catch A Predator series. Basically, they set up these meetings between pervs and teen actors for what the pervs think is a sexual rendevous. But in actuality, it’s a Dateline sting operation. this shit is so surreal, I love it when the dude in the suit comes out, and the guy has no clue what’s going on. this shit is real! if you find this interesting, they’re airing a new episode tonight on NBC…

check out those sweet shades!
ok, back to playing catch up… more later.


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