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girl talk

So this
guy has been making a lot of noise lately. I read his interview and was not enraged by what he had to say, dude had some good stuff to say………………..
and then I listened to his songs…… OH MAN……
I don’t really know what to say, actually I do…..
Basically if you went to college, don’t talk to me about music, cause I can’t even deal with you. If you were profoundly affected by Nirvana, basically I hate you, I was affected by Niravana as a kid, they came out and RUINED MUSIC for me. Look Im all for camp, I’m all for playing some off the wall shit as long as its good shit, but yo, somebody needs to stop these white people soon.
Speakning of my people…….
I want to hate it so much, but that Fall Out Boy song “sugar were going down” is so good. I mean its getting up there with Nickelback “how you remind me” as one of my fav MTV rock bangers…… Also I’ve had Third Eye Blind “Semi Charmed” loaded and ready to play like 5 times recently and Lost my nerve…….. I really hope I sack up and play it….. and I hope it fucking Kills it……
Also Harvey Danger “Flag Pole Sitta” and everybody knows how I used to get down with the Jimmy Eat world record……
On some other shit:
Why the fuck do people all of a sudden think Lil Wayne is so great? Last time i checked this dude sucked ass and had a really annoying voice, Yea Go DJ was the shit, but Who even lets it play to where he starts rapping? I mean I play that shit all the time and I could not tell you a single word of the vrs…
how come nobody likes Dip Set anymore? Like I asked ayres the other day, and he said cause they were not putting out good music anymore? I thought to myself did they ever? Except for that “I really mean it” song and like one or two other things, most of it sounded like garbage to me, so why is it any different now? Do you guys give up on your heros that easy? I mean whats gonna happen to all those dip set t’s that you guys bought? Is the dip set Tee like the 2005 verson of the 4 Vinyl rawkus records thing, the fucking names escaping me right now……… Id look on my record shelf to see, but I think I threw my copy out?
Young Jeezy, same question as above? Snow Man shirts? Doomed Also?