I apologize to my legion of fans, I’ve been gone for too long. It’s time to bring sexy back….
1) Shameless, aka Boy Genius-Style, shot of Eva Longoria (just now, a million pant zippers have been pulled down worldwide…. nice).
2) Is it Monday Yet? Tarantula Taylor and the Redskins takin the ‘chip this year (just now, a million zippers in the D.C. beltway area have been pulled down…. very nice).
3) Classic. Boy Genius aka the Korean ‘Landon from the Real World’, black’d out, makes a party appearance by pulling down the jeans, exposing ‘Korean Snake’. Rub your titties if you love Boy Genius…
4) Now that my ‘thought-to-have-been-homosexual’ brother is engaged, I now have extra family. Don’t talk about my sister, or else….


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