Its that time of year

Whether you like football or not, it is officially upon us. The college football season started this past weekend and the NFL kicks off this Thursday (for those who care, Fins vs. Steelshow). You can be a fan of the game or not, but i think we can universally agree that its not necessariliy who’s on the field, but rather who’s off….
Now i’m kind of new to all this myspace, friendster shite…but one site that has left a mark — Facebook! Now your probably asking, WTF does this have to do w/ football. Well apparently at FSU (this hasn’t been comfirmed) one particular piece of tang is actually paid by someone to sit in the stands and basically make every dude in the stands, or those of us watching on the tube, to ruin their pants. I present to you, Jenn Sterger
Some of you may have seen it, some of u may not…the point is – its football and tang, can life really get any better than that?


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