This past weekend was beyond mediocre.
I missed Spank, oh well. I was keeping it real digging at The Thing.
The Rub was kind of fun in an un-intentional way. Watching dudes try to be tough was probably the highlight along with Sizzle and Lloydski getting destroyed. I did actually dance with girls, too bad it wasn’t Queen Majesty though. Jemz was great. I guess I missed Pete and his homeboys but I did see plenty of Lab nerds there tough.
The Blog has been pretty funny lately for the most part. The Roc, hilarious, Pete, hilarious… everyone else step your game up. SERIOUSLY. Where’d Woody and P Gorgeous go? Boy-Genius has potential.
And Wildstyle, I went to FSU for grad school. It sucked for the two whole years, well sort of. Anyways, the school is full of anorexic girls, like the ones pictured who will give sexual favors for coke. They are the future pro-creators of this country. It’s funny and sad cause it’s true.
Vay-kay in Florida next week. Woo-hoo


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