blu jemz + lloydski

went to The Rub this weekend and ran into a gang of Lab family, including Blu Jemz, fresh off his mini-tour of UK and Norway… dude is like huge there, I guess that justifies his growing jheri curl akshun and dirt mcgirt steez. dude is just living free right now. shout out to lloydski, who turned 23 or 24 that night. he refused shots for the record. Sung (aka Scratchfamous from the old piklz board) was there, so was the tallest Korean I know, the 6-10 Yao-Gene, and the only dude challenging that status, the blog’s own Josh Re-Up. Tangfield who had never seen the Rub before, noted how he felt “so white” during the Rub’s set, and kept asking me if Ayres was really part of The Rub. “He’s so white and he’s wearing a Mountain Dew shirt?” Too funny. Other bamas spotted: Telekenetic Kat, Dr. Pitts, Catchdubs, Sizzle, and Pase…. Pic courtesy of The Rub site, check it out for more flicks including Spank Rock in McCarren Park.


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