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money lotion

I could sense the Roc response comin, just disappointed it didn’t come quicker (he did have a godd point about tv and baseball caps tho)… anyway, Roc’s first record release finally came in, so did Diplo’s Mad Decent CD. Both will be available for advance purchase in our NY store this weekend. Should be on the site next week. Both come highly recommended.
ed banger party was pretty hot last night. you don’t hear that kind of djing in nyc, they were totally flexxing the crazy electro, mixing it with bmore and old school dance hits. shout to label head Pedro, whom I met for the first time. seeing Uffie made me think that a battle between our girl Roxy and Uffie would be cool…. check their myspace for upcoming dates in canada and europe.
our soccer team. the diner old boys, continually gets into beef, capped off by the rumble yesterday. Todd squared off with a guy 30 pounds bigger (all muscle) than him. The guy got him in a bear hug (wtf?), and Todd did this flying 180 slam on him, instantly landing in a chokehold. Todd is my new hero. Dan and I deduced that P-Gorgeous is the reason we always get into beef, his physical play brings out the bitch in yoo.
tevez to west ham? is this a joke or something? at least it makes the bottom half of the premiership more watchable…
I also welcome 2 new bloggers, Llloydski (about time) and Willystyle (who will be reporting straight from the trading desk).