slowly growing rumor going around is that Carlos Tevez might join Arsenal. that would be incredible, Tevez and Henry in the same attack? that might be one of the finest examples of the beautiful-ugly, ever. for those who don’t about this Argentine, he’s an incredible player who did the unthinkable by winning over the rival Brasilians while playing for the Corinthians. according to my Argentine friend Belizan, before the World Cup, Brasilians were actually considering supporting the Argentinian team, just because of Tevez. he plays hard and fast as hell and his face looks like a post-reconstructive surgery (using some monkey parts) after a knife fight (him and Ribery prolly 2 ugliest mugs in futbol). hope this happens, I know Roctakon is holding his breath.
soccer shirt
speaking of soccer… seen this shirt? we gots it. link


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