the big D

WARNING: this post could be conisidered a total downer, and much more sobering than the usual Estupido entry.
people should write books or articles of about what real life is about. simple universal shit. this is what i have learned so far in my life:
1) everyone masturbates, probably starting in some form at age 5 or 6
2) girls want it as much as boys, probably starting at age 6. use this to your advantage or have regrets in your life forever.
3) making fun of someone else only shows insecurity. if an insecure person attacks you unjustly, attack those insecurities like a muthafucker.
4) it is pre-destined from the time that you come out the VJ, if you will be a star athelete. practice only takes you so far.
5) grades and college don’t really matter for the most of us, just make sure to go somewhere that makes you happy. if you are unhappy there, transfer.
6) liberal arts is for suckers.
7) you will be successful if you go to Harvard.
8) friends that you only go out with or “scene” friends are not real friends.
9) bros before hos most of the time.
10) if you want to make a shitload of money, go into finance + banking, but be prepared to sell some of your soul. otherwise, the road to riches is going to be very difficult and highly unlikely. ignore #5 if you are into this.
11) strategize about your money as early as possible. you can get lucky in the stock market a couple of times and think you are invincible, but it will get the best of you at the end. think mutual funds, CDs, and real estate.
12) enjoy eating, it’s one of the only true joys in life.
13) shrooms lead to a path of darkness,
14) family comes first. always.
ok, what takes me to my newest entry:
went to my first funeral yesterday. it was a heavy experience. what people don’t tell you is that, at a certain age, the people around you start dying. we’re not talking one person in a year… it’s like a shotgun blast. I’ve known and indirectly known 4 uncles (plus several other people) that have died this month. you can go crazy thinking about it, but my other thing that I think I’ve learned is that, once that person is gone, it’s a calming experience. it will only make you stronger and help you to get over your own fears and help you to enjoy life even more…
sorry if i have shared too much, just thought you should know.


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