canal street is shady

came across this illustration while digging for stuff to put up on my new site. back in our guerilla marketing days of handing out kinko flyers at dj battles, I used this illustration on a flyer to get across one of our original goals of starting the lab, which was to battle the shady Canal Street stereo stores that continually tried to rip us off. These greasy salesmen would give you Technics 1200 at $400s each (going rate back then was about $450-475), then overcharge you on a shitty mixer or crappy needles. I used to get into a lot of stupid negotiations when I had to go buy replacement stylii pre-Lab days. On the other hand, it was definitely a cool barrier to entry back in the days. You had to grind it out to get your setup back then… now all you have to do is order a dj-in-a-box set….


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