A couple of weeks ago was my first time to Los Angeles.
First of all, if you’re gonna be spending 30+ hours a week sitting in traffic, mount one of THESE to your dash. Quit texting people about nothing and record your album in the car. Here you can see Sven aka Unitard composing the hit “Wake Up, Masturbate, Then Go Back to Sleep”
The next day the Keyboard King and I managed to Michna our way into a very large studio, where we were told to “use anything we want”
There was a secret room full of metal boxes like this, all containing session tapes. I was not able to take anything. I think the Britney/DFA demo is in here..
We got to go disco digging with this guy. Jemz got nervous and kept calling him Darshan. Fuck disco I listen to rave.
That weekend was a nice party at Little Temple. Extra flavor points to the girl tearing up the dancefloor with her triple money sign rims that strobed out when she spun.
Nerd Alert! My boy Eli-173 has souped up his 1200 for ultimate vinyl recording. The tonearm floats in a bed of silicon juice (if you’ve ever built RC cars this is like fancy oil filled shocks), The slipmat is space age NASA rubber, (as well as the feet), and to top it off he has the alloy clamp to lock the record down.
When it was time to crash I would return to the lab pad to find dirtballs like this lurking around at 5am.
Fresh off his arrest!


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