epic pong

it was an EPIC night at the secret spot yesterday. Frogman was in town, so was Stony’s bro Dom, and Ross The Former Intern. i took them to the secret spot for a little pong action. After guzzling several PBRs and warm up games with Wayne aka Boy Wonder, we split up into teams consisting of Frogman and Dom vs. PH and Ross The Former-Intern.
Game One
The bet: loser guzzles a PBR.
Ok, we’re all probably a sixer deep at this point, everyone is feeling fine. PH + Ross TFI totally dominate the first game. After years of being Stony’s bitch-boy, Dom could not handle the mental pressure and PH’s notorious trash speak. Then followed the most shocking moment of the night… The Frogman refused to pay up on his bet. It was the weakest, most pathetic scene I’ve seen. Now you know why he lost the nickname “Toughskins.” He was whining about “how he doesn’t chug anymore” etc. Three words: I smell pussy. After his own teammate harassed him and PH almost burst a vein, Frogman did the most pathetic chug job, taking no less than 6 chugs to get down the can.
Game Two
The bet: Frogman nixed another chug bet (pathetic!), so we decided on loser buys entrance fee to our favorite strip.
Ok, more domination here. After his pathetic display, Frogman loses all confidence. PH and Ross TFI dominate even more.
Game Three
The bet: Loser pays table fee…
Kinda anti-climactic. Frogman and Dom rally to take the game.
next we switched to Foosball.
Game Four
The bet: Frogman’s team loses, each ponies up a stack of singles for usage in strip….
In a surprising turn of momentum, Dom unveils his uncanny Foosball skills. He spent a semester in Amsterdam, where he must have honed his skills. Frogman + Dom win,
Game Five
The bet: basically it’s a clean slate since PH + Ross TFI lost, so the stakes switch to punches in the arm.
Dom dominates once again and PH gives him the name “Rainman,” not because he’s raining down shots, but because he’s special like Dustin Hoffman in that movie with Tom Cruise. Dom and Frogman punches were as soft as Chipotle burrito pillows.
and the night continued…
more PBR, more punches, etc.
i’ve already revealed the spot to 2 people, if anyone else asks me, I’ll ignore you.
anyone catch the flavor of love season premiere when that big gurl hershey squirted on the stairs?


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