Yeah, so?

Erasure friended me on Myspace today. How weird is that? Well, it’s not that weird actually it’s kind of awesome. If you play records for other people and you don’t have a copy of “Chains of Love” have you been living inside a cave or something?
Ok, so I just moved this past Saturday. I’m no longer in Queens. I now reside in the L.E.S. My room is now really small though so I’m basically living on top of a ton of records.
If any of you confused lab blog readers want to buy any records holler at me (drpitts “at” gmail.com).Gabber/Hardcore/House/Pop/80’s/Drom and Bass/Downtempo/Whatever… I went through a lot of musical phases though my teens and within the past few years.
I turn 25 in a few weeks I need to get my act together.
Oh and by the way I saw Kathleen Turner the other day at the Mac store. She’s still actually kind of hot, but not “Serial Mom” hot though.
Also, live Warrant LP releases are seriously hurting my wallet right now. Who knew that shit would be so hard to find. I’m currently working on a Warrant mixtape. Be prepared (It was basically either Warrant or Ratt but Warrant has a lot more variety in my opinion).
P.S. The song “Victim of a Crime” off of Phoenix’s second album is my current jam.


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