Office Check RE:UP

Coat-tailing on the office supply posts, here’s a few things from the RE:UP studio.
The Tijuana Cockfighter
Go to hell with your Kubricks and Kaws Companions. This right here is a hand made cockfight toy only available in the streets of my favorite city… TJ, Baja California, Mexico. Some cork, feathers, and some wire is all that is needed to make any child’s dream come true. Swivel it around, and it look’s like they are pecking each other to death. 5 Pesos.
Mermaid torso with light-up yams.
Found this one in a club I was DJing at back in San Diego years ago. The nipples still blink after all these years.
Tony Alva FreshJive Book
I’m not one to name drop, but…
A selection of artwork
Of course, it’s yet to be hanged, and will most likely be sitting in the same place 6 months from now. The painting of the kid is by me grandmama… an image of yours truly when I was a wee lad growing up in SoCa.
Herman Miller Aeron
I cannot stress this enough!!! Like Pete mentioned before in his post regarding carpel tunnel and having the right mouse and keyboard to fix it, a good office chair is an absolute necessity. Well worth the money if you plan on sitting on your fat ass all day. Highly recommended.
The Apex TV
It’s huge, ways a ton, and only cost $100. When I bought this beast, I thought it would only last 6 months… lo-n-behold, this guy’s alive and kickin for 3 years now. What a deal. For those not in the know, Apex brand is Circuit City’s generic electronics company. Still waiting for the Lab to pick that line up.


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