The Production Squad here at lab consists of Snackmaster, Lemon-Red, and myself. Lemon’s out right now, touring on a bus overflowing with Brazilian girls right now, namely CSS and Bonde Do Role, so Snack and I are holding it down, giving you that daily. Here’s a sneak peak at what makes our work seem like home.
P-Love gave this little ditty to the Frogman , but has since been passed on to me, when the frogman, bounced to the left coast. The green post-it actually reads, “For all audio complaints, pull barrell.” For all those who don’t know, the barrell hides a hugely unproportional third leg that salutes all who fall victim.
Promo only. Vanilla scented. Who wants to be caught ridin’ stanky?
This was sent to us by one of our favorite artists, Jason Jagel, of the Dudley Perkins and MM Food cover fame. He rocks.
This thing is fucking great. During a three day frenzied cleaning of the warehouse, I came up on this archeological relic from the height of the Turntablist era. Its about 5 times the size of your normal 45 adaptor and ten times as heavy. Consider it a medicine ball for skratching. Guess it beats having to carry around one of those finger muscle builders, which in public gives off that “I’m a pyschotic strangler” vibe.
Ever wonder how Snackmaster got his name? This ration box contains some of the most delicious goodies one can get, and I sit right next to him. Butter nut popcorn with macadamias, gummi cherries, garlic cracker nuts, garlic flavored cornick (which kicks cornnuts ass, cause they’re lighter and more potent), and Regal Dynasty Delight’s cookies with soft cream and raspberry centre. I wont encroach on Snack’s treasure box, but every now and then while I’m sweating trying to put up records for ya’ll, I’ll get a tap on a shoulder with an open bag held in front of me, and a “yo dude.” Respect.


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