so much

so much blogworthy shit has come my way lately…
that weekend of the server being changed really pinched
my flow, so here’s a couple things I wanna post before I lose em:
working on my 2D game
I stole this from soul strut, but fuck it. This is one of the most amazing things Ive encountered on the interweb. Absofuckinglutely reeeediculous level of nerd-dom, and a truly fascinating adventure. Yes adventure, like somebody’s internal space mountain…. he basically lays his whole life out for you in convenient faqs and lists and stuff. Be sure to explore- you could be there for weeks with all the shit he’s got documented. for example, here’s his description of his favorite song:
Topping my list, as it has been for 11 years (since mid-1994) is Out Where the Lake Is (988.3 compatibility, twice as good than the next highest). My calculations show that I’ve listened to this song anywhere from 900,000 to 1,200,000 times (each loop is 63.5 seconds long at the average 76% true speed). Next up is Desert Zone (around 984 compatibility) which has anywhere from 300,000 to 600,000 plays. These are the two most listened to songs. This isn’t a joke either. If you check my blog, for example, you can see that, when I get a new song, it’ll often be played for several thousand times before I get bored of it and switch. See the “music” section for more details on this. Both of these songs are from “Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind” (levels 10 and 7 (7 after the train)). In general, however, songs that are purely instrumental are the only types of songs I truly enjoy. The most- liked song that has lyrics is “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” – the oldies version in particular (at 932 compatibility, about 1/30 as good as my top favorite, or 56 times better than neutral, still very considerable).

This looks pretty fucking funny. Im so down with the return of 80s post teen beer
boobs comedy. That shit rules.

and then there’s this: starlings going crazy on a red cedar…. toah-tally man!


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