about twice a year, i go through the lab shelves to slim down the bulk. i’m not talking about the product shelves, rather the shelves of worthless crap, valuable crap, and invaluable crap, we’ve accumulated over the years. you know: promo cds, zines, books, chotchkeys, letters, etc…. it’s a rather organic system. we build up the crap, i go through it, throw a bunch of it out, i put some into boxes and hide them away in the office, the rest of the stuff just sits there and festers. here’s some of the stuff I came across today…
i got really into buying things on ebay around 2000 which coincided with my fantasy basketball fanaticism. i bought about 6 Starting Lineups, then I stopped. these are my favorites, Mutombo in early Sixers uni, Manute Bol in the old school Denver outfit (continually ranked as the ugliest NBA outfit ever) *not pictured*, and Iverson rookie pre-corn row + tats.
Life Sucks Die was one of the greatest magazines ever! for those who don’t know, it was a sick midwestern gumbo of graf, zine-type writing, and an awesome sense of fun. although they were printing up full-color mags, they kept it real diy, printing up black and white zines on the side like this one here. Monster Yabbos made quite impression on us, you might catch some references to this zine in old lab reviews. this is one of my favorite craps in the collection.
this is some Nostradamus-type shit. this zine could see beyond it’s xeroxed body and see that it was meant to be crap. this is actually one of my favorite zines. it was a descendent of the Ego Trip crew’s early zine-type work. I think this guy only made two issues, what a shame.
start of the “where are they now?” section. ha-ha. blog bad-ass The Roc with this mix he sent us when he was still living in DC as a “turntablist” in the Goonies crew. I love the execution and creativity. Middle school hip-hop tape… Roc takes his turntable setup to a middle school and takes photo… all while representing his crew with the Goonies shirt. So official.
this CD was given to us by our college buddy Gordon back around 2000. he and his friends later went off to start Surface 2 Air. Gordo was way ahead of his time, crafting some a cool new wave sound before the whole electroclash thing went down.
this was the first CD Diplo ever sent us. I think we took 10 copies, sold em, and never had em again (cd-129!). this was his first album, a precursor to the Florida album. we might put it out someday.
a controversial piece. we put these Solesides cassette tapes up on the site a few years back, quite rare and still sealed. there was a big hoo-ha about how they were bootleg and stuff, but we just kept quiet. jokes on you paranoid mofos, these were the real deal.
the early roots of Money Studies. we worked out a deal with Bobbito to press up some old Stretch and Bobbito shows on cassette tapes. Some were available in the states, but most went to Japan. real classic stuff, this particular one featured a young Roc Raida, blazing the late night NYC airwaves.


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