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my desk

i thought i’d give it up to my favorite things that make up my workspace:
i had a bout with carpal tunnel a year ago. went to the doctor and all. it sucked. i tried all sorts of different keyboards, gel pads, mice, and mouse pads (apple peripherals suck for this). this is my golden combo. the matias tactile pro aka the best keyboard ever, a crappy first generation imac roller ball mouse (good weight), a belkin gel mousepad, and this purple wrist mat I got from staples. if you’re on your computer a lot, I can not stress how important a comfortable setup is… trust me, you don’t want to be awake at night cause of something so stupid as carpal… also, chairs with armrests are key.
scissors are for suckers. kids should learn to harness the power of razor blades at a young age. scissors are the most cumbersome tools. it’s impossible to cut a straight line. give me an exacto or box cutter anyday. one of my first design jobs was as a mechanical designer, which basically meant I cut shit with an exacto and t-square all day (i loved it). there’s probably 100s of boxcutters in our office, we use them a lot. that green thing is a promo item i got from a record label. i love that thing. it cuts open cds wrapped in plastic.
sorry to get all design nerd on you, but this is a definition of a design classic. the design for the Braun calculator hasn’t changed in over 2 decades. while stony and frogman have gone through multiple cheapo full-funtion calculators, I’ve had the same Braun for over 7 years. so simple, so straight forward, so well built (love the color scheme too). makes an incredible gift. i got mine at moss.
sorry to get all design nerd on you pt.2. the Pantone guide is also one of my favorite designed things. I’ve had this one for over 7 years as well (without any cards falling out). a must for anybody who wants to make things. so powerful.
if you’ve been following the site, you know that the food options in our neighborhood are pretty slim. basically, most of us buy our lunch at the same deli, 5 days a week. if i step back and think about it, it’s pretty pathetic. anyway, this bottle of tabasco is my savior. i keep it by desk and i don’t put it in the fridge. it starts getting murky in there, but I swear it gets better with age.



thanks to Detroit Murder Dog for brightening up my day. he introduced me to the blog Hot Chicks with Douchebags. funny thing is that I actually know one of the dudes featured as a DB.
this guy was a bottom of a totem pole type of a dude at my high school, but look at him now. dude has got one of the craziest myspace pages. you just can’t make this type of shit up.



has anybody been watching the new Making The Band? is it me or is Scott Storch one of the most fascinating dudes in the game? first off, he looks like he escaped from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and became a superstar hip-hop producer. Dude doesn’t talk, watching him “dancing” in the studio after they cut the final track was one of the most surreal moments on TV. He didn’t have to talk, that weird-ass bouncing dance spoke volumes (and where’d he get his vocal coach, them 2 together? unstoppable). Finally, dude’s fashion is on a different planet. He’s like the 2000 version of Big Daddy Kane except he’s short, white, and truly enigmatic. Mr. Storch, you’re my new hero.


slow hands

Weekend Blog Action.
Somebody has to do it, and it ain’t gonna be Gloves. It damn sure isn’t going to be Slow Hands.
Let me just say that everybody destroyed it at the RE:UP Manual 11 Release party. I’d be reading my issue right now, but, thanks to Missy’s quick hands, my copy is no more. So its either watch the T.Rex “Born to Boogie” DVD again or hit up the old TTL blog stomping grounds, I must be at least 30 words into this bitch. Theres no going back now.
As much of a record collector and general fan of music I am, I was put to shame last night. In a good way. Sure. Hanging with Eli and Morgan before the party, in Park Labrea (PLB stand up!) listening to 12”s on $100 slipmats, all sorts of talk about swedish producers, and Italian labels flying around the room. Nothing registering as remotely familiar… I witnessed the next level. These cats are on it. BOOM SPOOF
Holly came through to pick me in high style ala “Ray Cash Promotional SUV”. We made quick work of the Girl Water, and everybody came together for the decoy while I slid past the doorguy (nice work team) and proceeded to get down.
Morgan, Blu Jemz, Gaslamp Killer, Egg Foo, Dabrye and everybody else all wrecked it, as could be expected.



That paperclip story is pretty sweet, however, upon taking a glimpse at this dudes web site I came to understand that the house that he got out of this whole deal was situated in SASKATCHEWAN. Awesome. Personally, I’d take the red paperclip. Poor Canadian got hosed on that one.
While waiting in line at the post office 20 minutes ago, picking up a M.O for a C.O.D I had the pleasure of listening to some other Canadian, wearing a turquoise bandana in, Axel Rose-esque fashion, running game on yet, ANOTHER…canananadian! An otherwise horrible scene, had she not been talking about the wonders of…MYSPACE TEMPLATES, making it just, too much. Shear Terror.
Solo bolo at the store today, weird things happening. It’s the second time in the past month a bird flew into the store. This one was in for the long haul though. It didn’t die like the last one. No box coffin necessary. Just me and the birdman today. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Its going to be a long 8 hours…US Mail came through with the goods. Advance copy of Khia’s “Gangstress” bonus DVD in all its splendor?? Who’s ready? As AMAZING as the cover artwork is, the bonus DVD fails to captivate on a level of something like…say…X Rated Japanese Reggae Dancers
ooh, LA, Morgan Geist playing under a bridge downtown tonight. You heard it here first.


red paper clip

ok, this is probably old news to people who live in blogland,
but i thought it was interesting enough to post.
this dude had the goal of trading up in value
from a single red paper clip to a house….
and he did it in a year. that’s right he traded his paper clip for something
then traded it for something, etc, etc, until he got a house.
it’s a pretty incredible story, and it’s well documented on his blog.
the pivotal trade seemed to be when he (seemingly) irrationally
traded away “one afternoon with Alice Cooper” for a Kiss snow globe….
i’ll let your read the rest…
anyway, it teaches an interesting lesson of inherent value,
and how much the US loves to back a loser (hello W!)


emma redux

someone sent in this in response to my emma in the car post.
it’s interesting because:
1) someone went to the extent of actually sending the letter
2) the writer does not expose her identity, and refers to it in the accompanying letter
mystery is sexy!!! if this is actually a dude with chick’s handwriting,
i’ll send shady dude over there to satisfy your needs…
thanks for the letter….
ps. Pitts thinks your hot.