my desk

i thought i’d give it up to my favorite things that make up my workspace:
i had a bout with carpal tunnel a year ago. went to the doctor and all. it sucked. i tried all sorts of different keyboards, gel pads, mice, and mouse pads (apple peripherals suck for this). this is my golden combo. the matias tactile pro aka the best keyboard ever, a crappy first generation imac roller ball mouse (good weight), a belkin gel mousepad, and this purple wrist mat I got from staples. if you’re on your computer a lot, I can not stress how important a comfortable setup is… trust me, you don’t want to be awake at night cause of something so stupid as carpal… also, chairs with armrests are key.
scissors are for suckers. kids should learn to harness the power of razor blades at a young age. scissors are the most cumbersome tools. it’s impossible to cut a straight line. give me an exacto or box cutter anyday. one of my first design jobs was as a mechanical designer, which basically meant I cut shit with an exacto and t-square all day (i loved it). there’s probably 100s of boxcutters in our office, we use them a lot. that green thing is a promo item i got from a record label. i love that thing. it cuts open cds wrapped in plastic.
sorry to get all design nerd on you, but this is a definition of a design classic. the design for the Braun calculator hasn’t changed in over 2 decades. while stony and frogman have gone through multiple cheapo full-funtion calculators, I’ve had the same Braun for over 7 years. so simple, so straight forward, so well built (love the color scheme too). makes an incredible gift. i got mine at moss.
sorry to get all design nerd on you pt.2. the Pantone guide is also one of my favorite designed things. I’ve had this one for over 7 years as well (without any cards falling out). a must for anybody who wants to make things. so powerful.
if you’ve been following the site, you know that the food options in our neighborhood are pretty slim. basically, most of us buy our lunch at the same deli, 5 days a week. if i step back and think about it, it’s pretty pathetic. anyway, this bottle of tabasco is my savior. i keep it by desk and i don’t put it in the fridge. it starts getting murky in there, but I swear it gets better with age.


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