slow hands

Weekend Blog Action.
Somebody has to do it, and it ain’t gonna be Gloves. It damn sure isn’t going to be Slow Hands.
Let me just say that everybody destroyed it at the RE:UP Manual 11 Release party. I’d be reading my issue right now, but, thanks to Missy’s quick hands, my copy is no more. So its either watch the T.Rex “Born to Boogie” DVD again or hit up the old TTL blog stomping grounds, I must be at least 30 words into this bitch. Theres no going back now.
As much of a record collector and general fan of music I am, I was put to shame last night. In a good way. Sure. Hanging with Eli and Morgan before the party, in Park Labrea (PLB stand up!) listening to 12”s on $100 slipmats, all sorts of talk about swedish producers, and Italian labels flying around the room. Nothing registering as remotely familiar… I witnessed the next level. These cats are on it. BOOM SPOOF
Holly came through to pick me in high style ala “Ray Cash Promotional SUV”. We made quick work of the Girl Water, and everybody came together for the decoy while I slid past the doorguy (nice work team) and proceeded to get down.
Morgan, Blu Jemz, Gaslamp Killer, Egg Foo, Dabrye and everybody else all wrecked it, as could be expected.


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