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That paperclip story is pretty sweet, however, upon taking a glimpse at this dudes web site I came to understand that the house that he got out of this whole deal was situated in SASKATCHEWAN. Awesome. Personally, I’d take the red paperclip. Poor Canadian got hosed on that one.
While waiting in line at the post office 20 minutes ago, picking up a M.O for a C.O.D I had the pleasure of listening to some other Canadian, wearing a turquoise bandana in, Axel Rose-esque fashion, running game on yet, ANOTHER…canananadian! An otherwise horrible scene, had she not been talking about the wonders of…MYSPACE TEMPLATES, making it just, too much. Shear Terror.
Solo bolo at the store today, weird things happening. It’s the second time in the past month a bird flew into the store. This one was in for the long haul though. It didn’t die like the last one. No box coffin necessary. Just me and the birdman today. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Its going to be a long 8 hours…US Mail came through with the goods. Advance copy of Khia’s “Gangstress” bonus DVD in all its splendor?? Who’s ready? As AMAZING as the cover artwork is, the bonus DVD fails to captivate on a level of something like…say…X Rated Japanese Reggae Dancers
ooh, LA, Morgan Geist playing under a bridge downtown tonight. You heard it here first.