stony’s new fad

Stony’s is a man of many hobbies and interests…
his attention span is one of the shortest i know,
getting intensely involved in one thing, then dropping it
like a bad habit the next….
Stony’s latest hobby: lap swimming.
he bought these new goggles that have an MP3 player built-in.
the interesting thing is that the music is played through your jaw
rather than your ear, so it works underwater….
if you’re curious, stony’s previous hobbies and fads:
– rock sculpting
– rock climbing
– intense weekly personal training sessions with Jean Marc
– serious attempt to run nyc marathon (after several training sessions, a bum knee ended it)
– wheat grass (hilarious, stony was so psyched on this one, but got sick the first time he had it)
– the infamous guido phase: connecting to his bk italian roots via Sean Jean velour suits and pinky ring (the truth, but the pinky ring never materialized)
– the party promoter phase: currently going, we’ll see if it lasts to WMC as planned. think Roc and Blu Jemz are doing the next one in august.


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